How to buy: sunnies

Let me introduce you to the new category on! I call it „how to buy“ and it intends to give you useful advice about how to find masterpieces for your waderobe.

wo kaufe ich am besten sonnebrillen? sonenbriillen wo? dennis glanz

Due to the fact that a lot of friends and readers asked me where I buy my sunglasses the first „how to buy“ is about sunnies. If you are already following my blog (thanks a lot :)) you may have figured out that I often add sunglasses to my outfits. This is has one main reason:  sunglasses are very useful to upgrade your outfit easily.

And now? Where could you buy the best sunnies? I really enjoy the possibility buying them online because of two benefits: you have a wider selection and you can easily compare them. My favourite webplace is Asos but you could also find great ones at topman.

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